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Can One Lone Voice Be Heard Above The Crowd?

The answer is a resounding YES.

And that answer remains the same even when there are forces aligned against that one lone voice.

And each of us, every US citizen, can appreciate this message: It is possible for you to be alone in the crowd and still be heard and listened to by many, because of the content of your message.

The Role Of Search Engine Optimization

Just like products and information, news and commentary rank in the search results for the same reasons. Using robust enterprise seo to manage information searches is really no different than using that same technique to sell products. This means that articles may be "optimized" by the nature of the news item, the names mentioned, etc. If very basic optimization standards are applied to that news content, these stories can rank high on page one for searches for the business, persons, products, etc.

For example, if you know about a safety issue with a product, drug, food item, etc, and have been unable to get traction with the FTC, FDA or any appropriate state or local agency, a web page optimized for the product name and ranking on page one will get the word out ahead of the recall.

The same is true for business or personal malfeasance of any kind. The search is an appropriate place to expose unlawful or unethical acts, especially by lawyers and public servants.

Speak Freely

But always tell the truth. This is the principle that applies to all ethical SEO. Your content must always pass the truth test if you want the law on your side. Because if monied interests choose to challenge your posts on any grounds, you want those efforts to fail.

If you're seeking help in publicizing an important issue, please go here.

The SEO community has a duty to act in the interest of free speech. The tools and the knowledge to act toward this end are available on this site, and on the SEO Legal site.

Because of the internet, timely access to knowledge has made us powerful. Very often, one person can make a difference for us all. It's one person who might know an uncomfortable truth, who might expose an injustice. And very often, that person feels alone in that knowledge.

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Speak Freely

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